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A wide range of national and multi-national companies have been operating in UAE. From the hotel industry and real estate sector to the construction and IT sector, a wide range of enterprises is operating in the region. Although, UAE provides a number of benefits to these companies and the companies are satisfied with the work environment and business opportunities in the country. One aspect of managing business anywhere is to manage how to house the company employees and workers. In this blog, we are going to discuss the issues faced by businesses regarding their responsibility of providing accommodation to their staff and how they can tackle all these challenges.

Long-term and Short-term rentals

As we are living in the times of a global pandemic, most companies have developed a strategy to house their staff in multiple locations so that if one employee is effected by the virus then the projects can continue with workers from other accommodation.
This has resulted in companies looking for short-term contracts compared to annual basis contracts. This gives flexibility to companies and reduces committed costs.

Staff Accommodation Rules And Regulations

All businesses operating in the United Arab Emirates must adhere to a set of guidelines regarding staff accommodation. According to Ministerial Resolution No. 591 of 2016 on Establishment Commitment, companies with 50 or more employees and a monthly income of less than AED 2000 must provide accommodation for their employees. Well-lit, air-conditioned, and ventilated accommodations are required. At least 3 square meters of space should be allotted to each individual. Bedrooms, baths, kitchens, and dining rooms are all included in the ministry’s guidelines. A medical service room, a prayer room, and a washing room should also be included. To ensure worker health and safety, the MoHRE established a guideline for general standards of worker accommodation and associated services. These labor accommodation standards are created to advise businesses on the amenities they should provide to their employees, ensuring the welfare of workers in various sectors across the UAE.

How Outsourcing Staff Accommodation Can Help Business Owners?

We have discussed the issues faced by companies on the matter of providing accommodation to their staff. So, how to mitigate these issues? How can a business provide staff accommodation without any complications? If you are a business owner and looking for affordable staff accommodation, outsourcing the accommodation of your staff is the right option for you! It will not only be an affordable option for you, but you will also not have to worry about following all the rules and regulations. The concerned services provider will take care of each and everything. This way, you can not only provide better accommodation facilities to your employees but also keep your focus on your business.


In short, providing good staff accommodation in a controlled budget is tricky aspect for business owners. It is a complicated and time-consuming process. However, outsourcing the task of staff accommodation can alleviate all the issues for business owners. Are you looking for affordable staff accommodation? We at Staff Accommodations can cater to all the needs of business owners. We provide state-of-the-art staff accommodations for small and big companies. Our customer-centered approach makes our services un-rivaled. With our personalized solutions, we can alleviate staff accommodation issues for businesses so they can focus on their businesses. Get in contact with us for further information!

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